Currently I am hard at work revising and updating some of the site’s principal narrative content and have been publishing it piecemeal (‘plotmeel’ as Hoccleve says). Please do check back frequently as I continue to polish things up. The major goal of these revisions has been to clarify how the various components of the Hoccleve Archive are organized and to explain in some detail the goals and status of each part. These updates represent the first substantial revision of the Archive‘s web presence since I migrated it from Wash.U. It reflects the ways the Archive has expanded its scope from a system to preserve, edit, and teach the Regiment of Princes MS Collations to a more comprehensive archive that will be able to incorporate a variety of materials from Hoccleve scholars around the world.

As you look through the site, you may notice that many of the links to the Archive Projects’ core content currently are not enabled (e.g. images of the MS Collation sheets, Karen Smyth’s concordance data, etc.). This is because one of the design principles for this website is to provide an interface for properly archived content at the UT Digital Repository rather than to store and serve it itself. I am currently engaged in the process of preparing and finalizing the format and metadata for this content and I hope to launch much of it by Fall 2013. Until then, I will try to post more detailed samples of this content to illustrate each of the Projects and to address any questions readers have about the Archive.