As the Hoccleve Archive enters its 6th year based at the University of Texas at Austin, we are pleased to announce that we are migrating our site from the Texas Digital Library to UT’s College of Liberal Arts IT Service. This promises to provide an easier platform from which to update the site and develop the projects we’ve begun on other servers. I have been updating all links on the site to point to our current server space at LAITS–although, I have decided not to do so with the links on previous blog posts. So if you are perusing the archive, please make sure to use your browser back-button to return to the main blog page before continuing your browse (so as not to get lost).

That said, I will be working over the next few months to update content to highlight our newest work and provide better access to the resources that are currently ‘ready-to-use’! Please come back and see us again soon.