Today I updated the front page and added Karen Smyth’s front matter to the Referents project page. Not completely satisfied with the formatting, but it’ll do for the time being. I’m holding off for the moment on posting her actual data and bibliography because I think it would be very helpful if I can figure out how to take advantage of some sort of multi-column table/database format for it.  I’m not quite sure yet how to do this with WordPress, though. In any case, in order to establish a more permanent archival home (with a permalink) for Dr. Smyth’s excellent concordance, I eventually want to place her document in the UTDR so that it can be preserved (and served up) with standard copyright and metadata. I would like to be able to offer the same kind of service to any other Hoccleveans who’d like to use the Archive as an online “Appendix” for their work published elsewhere.