Beta demo site
Hosted by Washington University in St. Louis, Humanities Digital Workshop, this site uses javascript and site-specific data storage on a custom-designed web platform to illustrate how an editing and transcription tool could be incorporated into a multimodal edition’s reading interface. On this site, click on a line of the poem to bring up a shadowbox display with the associated variant collation table for the line. Then select a manuscript from the column of sigla on the right and a mocked-up transcription box will appear above a manuscript image. As an added design feature, you are able to magnify the images by scanning over them with your mouse.

Multimodal Critical Edition Demo Page
This is Robin’s revision of the beta site above using tools available in WordPress and from its extensive network of plugin developers. Unlike the beta version, this is built on a “linked open data” model where all the images linked to the edition text are pulled from the Hoccleve Archive’s long-term storage space at the Texas ScholarWorks (the University of Texas Digital Repository). It provides all the basic functionality of the beta version, but also provides greater flexibility for incorporating multimedia elements (including audio) and hyperlinked supplementary material (including Hoccleve’s own sources and scholarship on Hoccleve). It also allows users to shape their own reading environments to suit their tastes and needs.  Currently: this site is being rebuilt to be able to fit into our current website design and use its theme and page-builder. Please excuse our dust as we remodel!